Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four Season Day

A four-season day is one of those days when you have leftover pizza for breakfast, Chinese noodles for lunch and a taco and and enchilada for dinner. It's a day that turns out to be quite different from what you would expect to happen in a normal day or in a particular season. when you have a four-season day, you know it because it's filled with all sorts of wild variations that you never even imagined to be possible. Have you ever had a four-season day? I find that they are good reminders, that there is to be some "spice" in this thing called life.

It’s spring where I live, and it’s been miraculous to watch with my own eyes as the world around me changed from white to green. The grass has been green for over a week now, but yesterday I woke to an unexpected five inches of snow on the ground!

Most of the city had already put away snow shovels for the season, taken the snow tires off of their cars, and were not only changing out wardrobes in anticipation of warmer weather but many are even starting to think of planting things like flowers and trees. Some places got as much as eight inches of snow on the ground, and some streets, like one we call “Big Sandy” were even closed! After all, the city’s snowplows, much like snow shovels, had already been put away for the season.

Winter had returned quite unexpectantly, and it was cold!

I was certainly happy to make my way into the living room that morning and have a fire burning in the wood stove, that my husband had made. I remember looking out the window to the wondrous whimsical whiteness that sneakily blanketed my world overnight wondering how long it would stay. Fortunately, two hours later I was looking out the same window at the green grass that made up my lawn. It even got so hot in the house that I had to let the fire die and open all the windows, to cool it down. It was a four-season day, for that evening the clouds rolled in and the gray evening had the feel of autumn. A chill was in the air, so we rekindled the fire in the stove, and let it crackle through the night.

I remember another four-season day I had a long time ago. I was about fifteen years old, walking along a busy city street and it was bright and sunny on my side of the street, while on the other side of the road it was pouring down rain. I thought for sure the cloud that loomed above me would soon shower rain on me too, but it did not. The rain stayed on the one side of the road, and the sun on the other. Thankfully the sun continued to shine on the side I was on and it kept on shining the whole time I was walking! There I was, on the edge of a storm, thinking about how it was both a rainy and a sunshine day. When at last, a rainbow filled the sky, I felt like I was having a four-season day!

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