Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more thoughts on a Four Season Day...

A four-season day is filled with the unexpected. It is like, when you up in the morning to to five inches of snow on the ground (April 14th 2009) and this, after you already thought spring had sprung. It's the kind of day where you are so cold that you are happy to have a fire in the wood stove, (because there is five inches of snow on the ground) but then, two hours later everything is completely different. The sun comes out and melts all the snow away and it gets so hot that you have to open all the windows and turn on the fan to cool the house down. Now, who would have thought that one up? Not me.

Just the other day, so many unexpected things came up in a matter of hours that it was humorous. One thing after another rolled into our day, things that needed our attention, phone calls, changes in driving plans. It was a lot of seemingly simple things, but as each occurred, we were almost in disbelief, as each turned the course of events for our prospective day. It was frustrating, but funny just the same.

I kinda think that day it was preparation for the events of today.

Geo's mom had surgery yesterday and she was doing fine until her blood pressure dropped and then she was put into Intensive Care. We expected uncertainty, hoping for the best through the surgery, because the truth is, you just really never know for sure, especially when someone is older and in a lot of pain already. But things were going well, as hoped for. A speedy recovery seemed was just around the corner. ICU, though seemingly only a small delay in the recovery process is still something that changes our understanding of the world.

A call in the middle of the night, a call from doctors doing procedures and wanting to do more procedures to help her in the wee hours of the morning came and our understanding of the day before us began shifting, fast. The next thing we knew, Geo had all his bags packed and he was lea-ving, on a jet plane... into an even greater unknown.

The seconds tick past. Meanwhile nothing is as it was only a moment ago. It's kinda strange...
you know, how many things we take for granted, thinking that things will always remain the same. And even when we accept that things will change and not always be the same, we think that change is simply something a person learns to manage.

A four-season day is a good thing. It teaches us, "wherefore but the grace of God go I?" It keeps a person aware of change, which is, after all, what life is about, change and growth, all taking place in different least until you get to winter.

Winters can be harsh, but then once you make it through there is spring. And when it's winter, there is always the promise of spring, the hope of it's return, just on the horizon.

I think that is why God gave us the four seasons. I think it is why we have what I call four season days. It's so that you can look back on and remember... things will not always be the same....change is coming and it's gonna happen when you least expect it... and you need something you can hold on to, something you put your hope and faith and trust in when the world around you suddenly undergoes hat thing called CHANGE.

God is the only thing I can think of.

" Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. " Hebrews 13:8

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