Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eyes to See

I finally found my glasses. I had to go without them all day, but at last I discovered the place I had not looked.
: )

The world definitely is different from this perspective. I can actually see now. I could see without them, but not well enough. The view is better from this perspective.

It's funny how sometimes in a day like today you just don't know what will happen. I know I didn't expect to loose my glasses today and if I did not, it would have been a pretty normal kind of day, at least in my own mind. However things were not what I expected. I expected to find them and go about life as usual.... no such thing.

There were a lot of variables besides finding or not finding, having or or not having my glasses and so, I just put one foot in front of the other and did the next thing there was to do, most of which for me ,was either to look somewhere else I could think of looking for my glasses, or to try to think of another obscure place that they may be.

I spent the day away from my house, with the grandkids... which was fun, but I was always thinking, "Where's my glasses?"This is not only because I was trying to figure out how they had escaped my hunting for them, but also because I had little inclinations that I needed them to see this or that a little better. You can only imagine my relief when I found them--- in an obscure little tucked away place that I obviously missed in my search. As usual, they were in the last place I looked! (That always happens!)

Life is much better from this perspective. It was a good adventure though, teaching me not only to be more careful with my glasses... (they had fallen off the bookshelf onto another shelf and under a smaller shelf in the night) but to better understand that sometimes we are not in so much control as we would like to think we are in this life. There are things we cannot and do not see, unless we have the things we need, and while we plan our days, and our lives, the truth is that we can only ever simply put one foot in front of the other and do the next thing there is to do. There is a greater lesson too I think.... that is, some things are just worth searching for,,, even if it takes a long time and much persistence, especially if it helps you have the right perspective.

8 )

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