Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kittens On The Loose!

The kittens are on the loose! (That is the first three are out and about.... the other four are just about ready to emerge from their nest.) I do not think that there is anything cuter than kittens.

These three are cute as cute can be, although I cannot really tell them apart. That is because they all look the same. I have been spending time in the garden..( or hiking... ) and not with the cats. I can tell you about the first one that I did get to know, one my oldest son named Indiana.

Indiana is so named because he is an adventurous explorer, much like the famous movie explorer, Indiana Jones. Like an Indiana Jones movie, the little guys action packed adventure life just goes on and on. We not only named him, but nominated him as possibly the first one of the bunch to get eaten by a coyote if he does not curb his adventurous spirit.

For example I watched him run to the fence, squeeze through run and greet a small dog then a big one, (and not get eaten) and then come to my feet and follow me around everywhere I went. We got some great video of him romping around. I will say that his mom does a good job of keeping an eye on the little rascal. Why yesterday he went through two fences into my garden while we were out there and prowled around the moat a bit. Mother cat squeezed in too and called him home, but he was too distracted to obey, so I squirted near him with the hose and he ran off with his momma like a good little kitten should.... and he also hopefully learned that the garden is a place he shouldn't sneak into.

This morning I could only spot two of the orange kittens and thought maybe Indiana had run off into the wilds, but later in the day I discovered he was safe and sound here at home. But now all three are romping around everywhere. They discovered under the house this morning.

Mom cat is even already teaching them about mice. There were two dead mice in the kitty hut this morning when I was looking for the kittens.... TWO! Not bad for a human-raised momma cat.... Later I found the chickens inside the hut and the mice were gone. I am thinking there might have been some foul play going on...

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  1. I completely..there is simply NOTHING as cute as kittens!! cat lovers are my kind of ppl!! :-)