Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Poem- Summer Day

Summer Day

Nothing moves
In the thick of the summer heat,
nothing moves-
except the earth ...
and it moves slowly,
So as not to disrupt the sleeping breezes
that might blow across my face
and cool my restless spirit.

It’s a heated issue.
On the one side of the story there is something to be said for acting fast-
got to make things happen...
achieve the best outcome...
change the circumstances within our control.
On the other side...
It feels like hell.

“There is something to be said for patience.” I think
The sweat rolls down my face.
It's too hot to move
too painful to decide-
which side I am on.
I listen to the grass sizzle
Green life evaporates into hot air.
and the world turns slowly.

No one sees or hears,
They do not move.
They just lay...
maybe they are sleeping.
Meanwhile the world continues to spin slowly in the heat.
and nothing moves.


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