Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Hiking...

Yesterday we went hiking twice!

I took George down the trails at the Waikiki Springs area. (It was really his idea... He saw the place and I told him it was were the kids like to go swimming. He had never been there so we went on a little adventure.

It was a nice day and we met a lot of nice people along the way too. It was fun seeing so many people out enjoying such lovely place and such lovely weather. I asked one lady what the place was called, (this is because it is I believe meant to be a well kept "secret" and she said she calls it Grandma's Mountain... meaning her. No doubt, it has a special place in her heart; it's a special place.

It looks as if there use to be a lot of houses or buildings of some kind down there by the river. If I were homesteading it would be the place for me, except I do not like mosquitoes. There were a lot of them when we went back there later in the day.

The kids had asked to go there, but it was late, too late to just let them go down there by themselves, so we went too. Nate and his friends gave us an even better perspective as they took us down a trail we didn't even see before and to a bridge. What a place! I don't recommend it for swimming myself, unless you like wild things. Bethany has told me she has seen a snake there every time she has been, Nate has seen them too. Besides snakes there are fish and frogs and all sorts of creatures I am sure.. especially mosquitoes! The water is also swift as the river is high, but it is a feast for the senses. I hope to travel further down the trail sometime and see what's back there.

(Probably Rattlesnakes! ...
or LockHarts...)

Might need to invest in a horse!

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