Thursday, July 30, 2009

Emu Update

Kevin, our visiting Emu, is still at our house. We are looking for the owners still. I mention Kevin to people here and there to see if anyone knows of anyone who is missing an emu. In addition to checking for local Emu farms and finding all their emus accounted for, I called animal shelters and humane societies to see if anyone has been looking for an emu. They do cats and dogs not emus... and suggested that I call the police. I didn't call the police because the emu was not being a problem and I do not think people call the police to report missing emus... do they? I guess if I had no place to keep it or thought it was a danger to my life or limb, they would be good to call, like if I saw a cougar or something of that nature... but not for an Emu that is already penned up.

I also checked the internet and found only one found Emu notice... (someone in my neighborhood apparently spotted it but did not coral it, and a you tube video of some hikers in my area who saw an emu on the trail... (hmmmmm, looked suspiciously like Kevin, but was far from here.) It could be that Kevin is either unwanted... or is a bit if a traveler, far far from HOME.

I have not seen the movie UP, but my kids have and insist the birds must be named Keven, and so it is.... Kevin's neck is a little crooked. I will have to post a photo soon. Also, I want to say that he or she is quite cute. Unfortunately I often think of that comedian guy with his EMU. Remember that? if not check this out:

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