Friday, July 10, 2009

Who Knows What A Day Will Bring

You really do not know what a day will bring... In fact, just this morning when I came back from my walk, I got a phone call from Geo as I was eating cherries in the orchard before coming all the way to the house. He said, "Lisa, come here, I want to show you something."

I was eating cherries at the time, in fact, I had only eaten about two, and I replied as any person who did not want to be bothered at the moment would. I said, " What?"

Geo said, "I found something."

I said, "What?"

He said, "Something."

"What is it?" I said, munching another cherry.

"A small dinosaur," came his response.

Now, you'd have to know George. He likes to give answers that other people would least expect, but he did pique my curiosity so I went towards where he was as I hung up the phone, wondering what it was he could have possibly "found."

"A lizard?" I asked.

"No, bigger than that."

"Hmmm, I wondered as met up with him hoping to see what I could see."

"It's over there...."

I looked and there in the fenced in area where our chickens are I saw a huge, (maybe 3 feet high, I'd say,) dark mass moving about.

"Small dinosaur?" I thought to myself taking a closer look now that I knew what to look at.

"What is it?" I said, as I saw what I saw, barely believing what it was that my eyes did see. I knew what it was, but I was not believing it was true...

"It's an emu." he said.

So, it was not really a small dinosaur, but I have to admit, the two toed scaly feet of the emu do remind me of dinosaurs that you see in picture books. I will also say that I am quite impressed with the bird, who seems to have a very sweet disposition. After spending the day observing him, I now think that emus are really kind of neat.

But I like birds anyhow.

I certainly never espected to have an emu in my life, up close and personal like this... and I have more stories to tell about how I spent my day trying to find the emus owner...but I wont tell them now. I am just amazed at how I woke up this morning looking forward to another day, but I never in a hundered million years expected to havean encounter with an emu... would you?

See, you just never really know what a day will bring!

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