Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Escape

This is one place one who lives nearby must really go more often, especially if you claim to love the beach. Go ahead, get out of Spokane and head a short distance away to the Couer De Alene park!

Isn't it funny how a person can live somewhere and always feel like they have to travel far to have some fun, especially when it's right in your own back yard?

Need to get away? Go ahead, we did, and we did it without the kids. That was fun and relaxing too. But if you have the kids along, it's always a fun time to head out to a nice big park, this one has a great playground and a beautiful beach on the lake. You will see parasalors sailing, swimmers swimming, boats boating around and airplanes landing with floats upon the water.

Eat and ice cream cone or snowcone, shop the shops, take back to school/ senior photos...whatever, (it's quite picturesque,) but you best hurry. It will not be long until summer waves goodbye and the ice cream parlor closes!

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