Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Music O' De Day...

My brother-in-law, John Kalb, plays guitar. Click and you can see him playing his guitar.

He has a sort of folk/country style, and I have very fond memories of listening to him play for hours and hours. I still have some of his songs ingrained deeply in my mind.

I liked everything he played, but some of my all time favs are his renditions of Arlo Guthrie's Motorcycle.... and Kenny Loggins' House at Pooh Corner.

Here is one I do not remember.

So the story is that today, I came across these you tubers of him and his guitar on the internet.

That was interesting. I always love a little music o'de day.

Even though it was only a video, I enjoyed seeing him again too.

Here are some more tubes I found interesting...
Buddy Ruckus

Lilac Open @ SFU

more to be added another time, another day...

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