Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Day Last Summer

I just posted about the hole in my favorite table cloth, caused by a fire which was started by a pitcher of water. Well, this reminded me of another story that took place this last summer in which I put out another fire on a table I was seated at. It was one of those situations that would have been a disaster, but thank God! It wasn't.

I was at the Red Lion Inn in downtown Spokane for a luncheon for the Union Gospel mission. The tables were all decorated with candles and ferny plants. The speaker was great (and so was lunch) and it was almost over. I glance at the candle burning on my table.

I hate candles. Well, they are pretty, but I never light them without watching them closely and a rarely even if ever do that. This is only because I know they are a fire hazard, so I guess it drew my attention for a moment there because I know that table decorations that are ferny and candles that are aflame are a recipe for fire.

In that one instant I looked at the candle on my table and thought, "It would be a bummer if the fern caught on fire." I looked away and moments later, (I was not even looking, but I saw it out of the corner of my eye...) to my surprise, a fern was sparking, sparlking and in the next moment, it was really, truly, on fire.

I must have seen it coming.

Well, being as I had had practice putting out table fires before, I sprung into action and extinguished it by smothering it and this with only a minor injury to myself. The fern was plastic and the hot plastic burned me when I smothered it. Unfortunately I used my lyphademic arm, as I am right handed, and so, it was an injury non the less... yet minor. The hot plastic from the plant made a little burn. Here is an incredible thing too. No one, no one but an older woman at my table saw it happen besides me. She sent me off to go and see if some cold water on it would help.

It was amazing. The whole table could have caught ablaze, which could have been quite a disaster if you ask me. I just happened to see it as it happened, and reacted. I kinda felt like Elasta-girl. Amazing.

If only I could always be so attentive.

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