Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Back At The Life You Have Lived.

I had the opportunity to look through some old photo boxes the other day and I was amazed and the cool pictures I found. There were things documented via photograph that I had completely forgotten about. I enjoyed the time ruffling through the many cool memories tucked away in those boxes.

It was great fun, but it took a lot of time.  It also made me realize how unorganized those photo boxes are and that I do not think that I would enough room for those pictures though if they were all in albums. I have a whole new appreciation for pictures stored on disk and on the web as well as  in boxes and photo albums.  It is kinda neat to look back at life you have lived and remember the people whose life you have shared.

Here are some fun memories
from when we celebrated
April Fools Day
with a "Silly School Day."

We each dressed up in some silly way or another, played some silly, (er..a... educational,) games, ate a silly lunch and read some silly stories and ate some very silly, smiling, cupcakes!

Another fun day in life was the day we made and played with a strange scientific polymer substance we made ourselves.

Here are three very happy little boys (and some big kids too,)seeing what amazing things this strange substance can do.

Another fantastic memory is the one of building our gigantic snowman.

Here is Johnny Appleseed... complete with a pot on his head.

And then there was that picture of our big ram named Een, hiding from the shearer.  I had forgotten about that until I cam across the picture of it and then I was surprised that I even had captured it on film.  This was one of the funnest things I have ever seen, a big old sheep trying to hide!

The thing he is trying to hide under is the top part of a yurt.

 There were many more great photos.

I got to look through several boxes and see lots of pictures of people, whose memories I cherish, even if perhaps I do forget.  Even things I do not have pictures of, I thought about thinking how, somewhere God has them all recorded.  He knows the inspiration and the love that these wonderful people in my life have been to me...and others.  I think that is pretty cool. 

I just sit back now and find myself amazed at this thing called life...From here, all I can say is that I am truly amazed when I look back at the people I know and the amazing life I have lived.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Emu in the Snow

Beth thinks I should write a book about our Emu, Kevin. Here he is in his pen. I am working on that thought. My kids always want me to write stories and draw pictures of things, but I really am not great at either. I must have impressed them sometime in their growing up. In our adventures with Kevin our adopted Emu, we are learning what to do with an emu in the snow.

We had quite a time corralling him after we saw he just stayed in the cold. Finally, after a lot of running at emu speed around the pen a bit of persuasion and a pillowcase over his head we got him into the little barned-in area that we lined with straw and furnished with a heat lamp. However Keving didn't appreciate like it and after a sleepy night in the warm straw he made his escape.... fortunately the weather was warmer the next few days. He could once again pace the fence again, which he loves to do.

The snow has begun to fall again and the night temperatures are below freezing. We are watching to see if he takes to the barn or if he needs to be corralled more permanent-like in there. Hopefully he is not as dumb as he appears to be from our human standpoint and will, like most birds, choose on his own to head south to the comfort of warm hay under shelter from the snow.

Also, I might ad, Geo and I recently watched the movie Up.. from which Keven gets his name. It was a rather fun frolic of a film. The bird in the movie is very much like an emu, only it is much more vibrant in color. Cute bird!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Playing with Toys...

M.A. and I had lunch together and together we discovered the coolness of Playmobile Christmas. It sure has some small parts but we loved the detail and the guys with beards!

Crochet Hobby

Here are some photos of things I have crocheted.... also called amigurumi.

Froggie, Cool Cat.... Mrs. Mousie....Purple Pakiderm....(Elephant) and some crocheted doll sisters... I named
Jill and Rosita.

I make these using 100% cotton thread and there is no pattern that I follow. It is like painting with yarn. I love it.

Winter Kid, Turtle, Snail and Mr. T, the turtle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Books, books and more books...

I went to a meeting of the minds last night where we who we gathered talked about the many educational books and resources we love using and are thankful for. There were a lot of really great items that made our list too. I enjoyed it so much that I just wanted to blog about it.

Books are really important to people, and I say that because they tell me and because I know they are important to me. and in fact I have had many book related projects going on in my life.

Even yesterday I was taking photographs of books, as you can see here.

This i s my "personal bookshelf," filled with some of my favorite things, mementos and mysterious objects that I like to collect.

Other book issues are: I'm a member of a book and movie club where we write reviews of films and are reading a book that we discuss. Also I am doing a group book blog with some lady-friends where we blog about the various books we read, and I am always adding new titles to my "want to read" lists... picking up books at bookstore and book sales. I feel like the mariner of old, with "books... books everywhere".... and hardly time for it all.

The inspiration for this particular blog today began when I needed a picture of a bookshelf but none were to be found ready made so I ventured to take a photo of my own. Then, instead of using a normal sized model of a bookshelf or bookcase, I thought it would be cool to use my personal one.

It just so happens to be quite small.

It contains miniature objects that I have made myself or have collected over the years. These are my older ones.

This picture taking photo project of books and bookshelves was not only thematically related to the meeting last night but also to learning how to post pictures and put photos on my computer!

Lori will be proud of me!

It's funny how a book really became almost like a good friend at times and is hard to actually part with. I love my miniature books because I have done much of it using the titles of books I really like. Sometimes I want to pass a book on to a friend but I want to keep a memento... othertimes I have to part with it because I keep getting new books (or old ones) and simply have to part with some. But the way I figure it, a book that I love in the hands of someone else is a good thing. I can keeps a little memento, a reminder of my bookfriend and still pass the book on.

It takes a lot of time to make the little books, and I am new at it so, they are not perfect.

One other book project of course are writing my own book...which is a long and tedious process to say the least. For the most part I can say it is written, but I am currently working to turn it into a "blook," one anyone who wants to can read. This too is a time consuming project. My book is not represented on the miniature shelves yet, but maybe I will make one someday.

Here is my design for the cover.

If you ever want to be an instant celebrity tell someone else that you have written a book. I find I have to be reserved in who I tell. People really do get all excited and this even before they have read it.  Kinda funny because it is not that great of a book.  I mean, some who have read it, never read it all because, as they confessed to me... they were a little bored. I do not mind. I am just glad they wanted to read it. Besides, (I tell, them,) "I only said that I had "written a book;"... I never said it was a best-seller."

...So if you read it and you are bored.. you are not alone.  It's a slow book.. and intended to be so perhaps in how it is written.  It is one that is suppoed to make a person stop and think about the world, or at least that is what it is supposed to do.... slow down things a bit... bring the reader into the movements, the moments, the thoughts... each and every little things being experienced in detail by the main character... a man named Evan. 

I am my own editor at this point and the feedback is good. Who knows, maybe someday I will make it more exciting... In the meantime it is what it is...

It is the story of Evan, who wakes up one morning to find everyone in the whole wide world around him is embracing a global change whereby everyone collectively says goodbye to the old world completely and forever.  They believe that they are saving the earth and saving themselves by using psychic power to move earth into it's "original" orbiting position.  Apparently, mankind has laid claim to even the desins of planet earth and people of the earth are using psychic/spiritual power to transform the present world into a world they envision themselves being in, one that they create, not God.... but do not realize it is ony in their own imaginations.  They believe they are resucing the planet as they recreate creation, they believe they are creating the world of mankinds future and Evan, has to grapple with it all and see if he is on board this spaceship earth being launched into the future, or not.

It a bit of science might say... or not.  In some ways it does not sound very much like fiction... does it?.

go figure!

The bottom line is that I did it and had fun doing it and I learned a lot and recorded a lot of stuff I wanted to write down.  It's not that I even like fiction, or science fiction for that matter.  I just happened to think it woud be interesting to make a story about all the non-fictional stuff I was learning about in my spare time.  Even to describe it as "fiction" is not really fair because it is not written to stand alone as a fiction story but to compliment my notes, which I believe make truth seem stranger than fiction. Essentially, it is really more like a book around...a book within, with the book within it being a place where a person gets a peek into a bit of reality they never thought about, or maybe thought of and didn't think that anyone else really had, but the fictitious character Evan in the book does.    

It was for me a great way to document the meanderings of my mind and things I remember about life as well as to explore the wonderful world of words and what they do...

and then there is blogging.

That's a whole new subject, photos and all.

It's a rather novel concept too... don't you think?