Monday, November 23, 2009

Emu in the Snow

Beth thinks I should write a book about our Emu, Kevin. Here he is in his pen. I am working on that thought. My kids always want me to write stories and draw pictures of things, but I really am not great at either. I must have impressed them sometime in their growing up. In our adventures with Kevin our adopted Emu, we are learning what to do with an emu in the snow.

We had quite a time corralling him after we saw he just stayed in the cold. Finally, after a lot of running at emu speed around the pen a bit of persuasion and a pillowcase over his head we got him into the little barned-in area that we lined with straw and furnished with a heat lamp. However Keving didn't appreciate like it and after a sleepy night in the warm straw he made his escape.... fortunately the weather was warmer the next few days. He could once again pace the fence again, which he loves to do.

The snow has begun to fall again and the night temperatures are below freezing. We are watching to see if he takes to the barn or if he needs to be corralled more permanent-like in there. Hopefully he is not as dumb as he appears to be from our human standpoint and will, like most birds, choose on his own to head south to the comfort of warm hay under shelter from the snow.

Also, I might ad, Geo and I recently watched the movie Up.. from which Keven gets his name. It was a rather fun frolic of a film. The bird in the movie is very much like an emu, only it is much more vibrant in color. Cute bird!

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