Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Back At The Life You Have Lived.

I had the opportunity to look through some old photo boxes the other day and I was amazed and the cool pictures I found. There were things documented via photograph that I had completely forgotten about. I enjoyed the time ruffling through the many cool memories tucked away in those boxes.

It was great fun, but it took a lot of time.  It also made me realize how unorganized those photo boxes are and that I do not think that I would enough room for those pictures though if they were all in albums. I have a whole new appreciation for pictures stored on disk and on the web as well as  in boxes and photo albums.  It is kinda neat to look back at life you have lived and remember the people whose life you have shared.

Here are some fun memories
from when we celebrated
April Fools Day
with a "Silly School Day."

We each dressed up in some silly way or another, played some silly, (er..a... educational,) games, ate a silly lunch and read some silly stories and ate some very silly, smiling, cupcakes!

Another fun day in life was the day we made and played with a strange scientific polymer substance we made ourselves.

Here are three very happy little boys (and some big kids too,)seeing what amazing things this strange substance can do.

Another fantastic memory is the one of building our gigantic snowman.

Here is Johnny Appleseed... complete with a pot on his head.

And then there was that picture of our big ram named Een, hiding from the shearer.  I had forgotten about that until I cam across the picture of it and then I was surprised that I even had captured it on film.  This was one of the funnest things I have ever seen, a big old sheep trying to hide!

The thing he is trying to hide under is the top part of a yurt.

 There were many more great photos.

I got to look through several boxes and see lots of pictures of people, whose memories I cherish, even if perhaps I do forget.  Even things I do not have pictures of, I thought about thinking how, somewhere God has them all recorded.  He knows the inspiration and the love that these wonderful people in my life have been to me...and others.  I think that is pretty cool. 

I just sit back now and find myself amazed at this thing called life...From here, all I can say is that I am truly amazed when I look back at the people I know and the amazing life I have lived.

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