Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shutter Bug

Well, my camera died last week. I was just learning to post photos too!  Fortunately I got an early Christmas present... a new camera. 

Unfortunately, it has taken me a few days to get used to it nd there is still a lot to learn.  One must read all the directions and figure out all that stuff in the box.  That is a lot of time and effort! I got the quick guide mastered, and now I have to tackle the rest of the box and thid during such a busy holiday season.

The new camera is also not as big as the last one, I am a little afraid I will loose it, but I am also looking forward to the ease of portability and learning to use some of the newer features, but it;s just not the same.  My other camera was a fantastic camera.  It might be an easy fix, but being a bit of a shutterbug, I need a camera.  I try to take pictures of life as it passes by, at least some of the more memorable moments.

I was extremely bummed about missing photos of Merrilee's and most traditional, Christmas party, and then of course the gingerbread outing at the Davenport Hotel... though I did resort to my telephone.   I would have loved to have pictures of our Antique Adventures on Monroe, (I am ready for the next time!) and pictures of friends at Jenny's Christmas party for the girls.  It has been quite a sad week on the photo front.... but that's okay, I have pictures in my mind, memories that I will certainly cherish, but nothing I can really share in print.  I am, however, ready for the future because now  I have a new camera.

I tell you what, it's tough being a shutter bug with a broken camera!

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