Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Enough to Make One Wonder

Ever have one of those days where someone meddles with your work?  Someone meddled with my work today... and made me laugh.  They made it look like I typed something I didn't. 

At first I couldn't figure out where the words on the page came from... and quickly, I decided to deal with it later; but upon on further investigation, I could not help but notice that was just really out of place, especially when the mysterious typer was looking over my shoulder commenting, "Gee, what a weirdo that person must have been!"   I had to face the words on the page squarely and figure this one out.

I read it again.

It read, "Little did he realize that his feeble attempts to expose the anthropological dexterity of his anthropomorphous heritage would only result in a failed vestige of past meanderings of pointless persuasion."

Made me laugh....

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