Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starfish Day

The Oregon coast is beautiful an we have a lot of memories there.  It was on a family trip there that something remarkable happened...

Beth, who having been born and raised in snow country, is convinced she loves the ebath, sea animals and the waves.  She was so excited to go, it was great.  We were excited too.  It was chilly, so we were not planning to swim, but we wanted to play in the waves and the wind and get our feet wet.

Beth kept talking about starfish.... starfish this and starfish that and bout how much she wanted a starfish...... She just kept bugging us, about starfish..  I told her to pray and ask God for one.  Guess what?  He did.

I couldn't believe it myself when she called and said, "Hey mom, come here, I want to show you something...."

I remember that  in that very moment, I knew what she was going to show me, sure enough... there is was....

a purple starfish....

She said she just bent down and there is was.  This photo was taken in more shallow water.

It was an interesting experience... one I hope she does not soon forget.  I  have never seen a starfish on the oregon beach, except in tide pools, this one was just for her.

Did she pray?  I am not sure.  I do not think I ever really asked her if she did or not, but I do know that that day on the beach when she looked down into the murky tumultuous waters, she was amazed.  So was I.  Even when we do not pray specifically, God knows our heart... and when we pray, he listens.

God does satisfy the longing of our heats; and sometimes in very special ways.... all to draw us closer to him.  I run across this picture from time to time in the photo album and I am in awe that we witnessed this this day so I post it here.

Starfish are called fish, but they are not fish.  They are curious creatures.  I have since learned that they have no brains... and no blood.  Their circulatory system pumps sea water through their bodies.  Isn't that interesting?

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