Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Day on Garland Street

Here we are, the Dilly 
Dollies, well some of us. There are a lot of us roaming around you know.

Today we are visiting the Garland District Shops...
 in Spokane.

We went to the Ruby Slipper Shoe Store, The Tin Man Artworks.... shops named to honor Judy "Garland" in the Wizard of Oz. (The Street is named Garland, if you recall.)

We also went to the Discovery Store, ( a great cause to thrift for.) Destiny Floral, Book Traders, Elegant Peasant, Clock Works and the Milk Bottle (Mary Lou's) Cafe and Ice Cream place.  Then we rounded the corner and went down the hill on Monroe Street to visit The Bag Lady. (An antique store.)

Walking past the Rocket Bakery window we met some shoes and a dog, which belonged to some smiling faces in the window....  a couple of guys just sippin' coffee, watching the world go by.  We, at the moment, were the world.

We had a great time and definitely recommend this excursion route for an outing, if you are the type to dilly-dally around a bit like us. 

We enjoyed the creative clutter.... even made some friends. Some of us felt right at home you know.

We also took turns being elegant.....fancy furs and beautiful jewels were all around us. 

And also a lot of book!  Some of us will be reading a lot in the next month or so.

And we played with toys of all kinds and variation, puppets, dolls and wind up marvels that spit fire.

We imagined all sorts of things

Who could ask for more?

We encountered a lot of beautiful people on this chilly and rainy type of day and we shopped till we dropped.

Jilly finally said, "I'm tired."

                                                          This is not Jill...
                                            ...but she is pretty cool. 

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