Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Hobby... First of the Collection

I have a new hobby, one more hobby to my list of many.  My new hobby is taking pictures of signs.

But not just any signs.  The criteria for a photo is that I must find it unusual or amusing or it must have some meaning for the signs of the times that we live in.

Here is the story behind the first one in my collection.

Painted on a an old run down building in one of the poorest parts of our city, Hillyard, it is a black and white piece of two men, one black, one white.... painted on an old run down factory looking type of building... Maybe a warehouse.  You can see it from Market St. I was impressed that graffittiers finally put up something that looked like real art, and vowed to photograph it; but not soon enough....apparently, for eventually... (sometime into the election of the one that won the presidency,) someone graffittied on the artwork.  I assume it wasn't the person who put the artwork up, but who knows?  I would love to have a before and after snap shot of it, but all I have now is an "after"....

Passing by it at least a hundred times more since it was graffittied,  always vowing to take the photo... I finally did, and thus began my new hobby of documenting the Signs of My Times... and other Curious Oddities.

Here is the first of my collection:

Look past the graffitti and appreciate the art.

Now when you are done with that, we can talk about the graffitti....

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  1. I always loved this pics till they defaced it...it was really cool...I wish ppl had left it alone!