Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time for Tea

I have been learning about tea.

Believe it or not I even got Geo to attend a class 101 on tea with me!

We learned all kinds of things.  The funny thing was that a few weeks after this class I was invited to a in home tea party  deal where we learned a lot of the same things.  Geo didn't go on that one was  just a bunch of us girls.

Probably the most rmarkable thing for me wa learning that all tea come from the same TEA plant. Green, white black it's all the same just harvested at different times, that and how to select tea that is whole not the "sweepings and fannings."  It was a very interesting class and I highly recommend it... taken at the Taste and See Tea House on the south hill in Spokane.  We tried about 20 different kinds of tea that day.  The little tea party was interesting too... similar information... but it was a sales oriented presentation moreso than the class was.

Another interesting thing was how to decaffinate your tea....
You do this simply by letting it steep for a few seconds, pouring tha t off and then brewing the bag the full amount of time.  The caffiene comes out very quickly, so when you do this you essentially remove the caffeine from the tea.  And one more thing.. that Herbal tea... has no tea in it at all.. if it really is herbal.   

Those are my friend Deb's tea pots in the photo.  Aren't they pretty?
These are some of her dolls....

Just us girls!------>

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