Monday, April 5, 2010

Party Time!

A holiday butterfly!

This is a story about how blessed I feel knowing I have such gracious friends!

The Story

I was texting with a particular friend more than usual... and later that week... out of the blue I get a text message.  It reads:  "Easter  potluck, my house, Sunday."

Silly me, I didn't look to see who actually sent it, I thought I knew... since it was not anyone with a photo who usually sends me texts... It was, of course, and without a texting buddy o de week.... the person who has often invited me to potlucks at her house....


Having closed the text before hitting the reply button,  I reopened my friends contact listing in my phone and proceeded to tell her I would have to ask the family what we were doing before I gave her an answer....

A day goes by and after consulting with family, I get back to her via text message... of course,  and tell her that Sunday would be great....  to which she says that is great too, and we then proceeded to make plans of what exactly to prepare and talk about who else will be there. Being the gracious hostess she is she had also invited some other friends.

Meanwhile, my phone show me I have a voicemail message.  I go to check the messages and there is no voice mail message... just a little icon indicating there is one one when there is not.. and it will not go away on my phone!

The following day a different friend, (friend number two) calls and asks if a third friend had called me.  She tells me that they would like to have our family to their house on Sunday an wanted to know if I got the message....  thinking this message was the voicemail that didn't work, I explained that I did get a message but that I couldn't listen to it or erase it from my phone.  Then, having other plans already I had to decline the invitation.

So there I am, busy making plans with friend number one for a holiday party.. great fun.  I am very excited about visiting because we had not seen each other in a while.... and we are long time, good friends too.  I am minding my own getting all excited about this party and then one day I wake up to the phone ringing... it is friend number three...

'Hi."  she says.  "Hey, I wanted to invite you guys over on Sunday.  Did you get my message?" 

"No," I said.  "Something happened with my voice mail, and it didn't get through to me...but  .... friend number two..... did call and tell me about the invitation."  I told her though that we already had other plans.  I also told friend three,  " I am so sorry, but we already have made these  other plans, so I have to decline your invitation."  To which she graciously invited us to stop by even later in the day, if we could.

I thanked her and hung up the phone....

Later that day I was tooling around with my phone, cleaning out old messages, looking at photos people had sent me.... and noticed that the text with the invite was not from the person I thought it was from.  It was not from friend number one at all.. it was from friend number three....
This got  me thinking... and I realized that friend number three did not send me a voice mail as I thought, it was a text message.

But.. if she sent me a text message.. how did friend number one invite me?  Wha is via phone conversation... or did I just invite myself to friend number ones house.... mistaking invite from friend three for an invite from friend one?

The conclusion on my end was that I had basically invited myself to friend number one's house...

I called friend number one...and when I finally reached her, I explained my confusion a little and said, "I have to ask you, did I invite myself to your house?"

I could tell she was smiling on the other end of the phone.  "Well," she replied, "your text to me seemed a little odd, but I just figured that I had invited you, but that having done that, I forgot and I was happy you were coming over, so it was fine."


Well, with all the mysteries solved... we were still having a party and that was great, but  I was still a bit embarrassed... and really glad I figured it out and discussed it with friend number one before arriving at her house with all my family in tow.  God is good.

Then a twist to the story.  Friend number one had a sick child and so we canceled our gathering with them... but in our planning they could still have their family party and we could still have our own...we each had all the food bases covered.  On our end, in lieu of going to friend number one's,that we decided to call friend number three (who lives much closer to our own home) and see if we could join them instead...

We did and it was fun to say the least... even though we were a bit disappointed not to spend the day with friend and family number one and of course knowing that someone at their house was feeling ill.

It was kinda crazy, but all I can say is that I am really glad to have such gracious friends..

number one,

number two,

and number three!

and you know who you be....


It was very fun to tell my friends this story and laugh with them about it.  I think we will be laughing quite a while too.

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  1. oh my this is just too funny!! what a cool friend number 1 is, instead of saying what are you talking about, she invites other ppl as well! how cool is that??