Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Courtyard

In the courtyard before the mancaves, there are more collections... and things of interest.  There are things like Cake pans, bottle collections, and Tonka trucks.. real trucks too.
My brother has a cactus garden.  He wanted to give me one of his Madagascan cactus...    I didn't know exactly how to manage to get it to my house though.  He then offered me a tiny one, but I left it in his care. 
One favorite thing was this pot bellied stove.  It is quite a project to lay all those tiles around it.  It is a work in progress, but in addition to having a nice patio when the job is completed sometime in the future, the boys are learning how to move really heavy things like iron bathtubs without using muscles...

Logs are working nicely for the task. 

Together these two have formed the Reindeer Rescue Society.  They hope to rescue any unwated Rooftop, Christmas reindeer that people do not want any more and add them to their collection which are on their roofs year round.  I do fear however it may become a bit of a contest between the two.  Right now they each have the same amount, but now that they have started this rescue attempt, the reindeer population around here could definately grow. 

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