Friday, June 25, 2010

Garden Update for June

After that cold spell that killed off my tomatoes and basil and cukes and eggplant.. etc, I was so sad.   I kinda thought I would give up on the whole gardening thing.  It was depressing!  Worse the weather just kept on being rainy and cold. 
Finally however, the sun has come out and given us some hope for summer with some warmth.

It looks like things want to grow despite the challenges of rain and cold, the grass between the beds was over three feet tall!  We did have some sunny days here and there,  and it was on one of those sunny days that I bought some more plants and began the process once more.

My living room was green again for a while, filled with plants,  but these eventually made their way outdoors to the garden.  It took a while though, because we needed some warm days and before putting things in, we needed to weed.  Boy, there was a lot of weeding to do too, especially with the weed-wacker, which Nate kindly did for me.   I weeded the bed on.Wednesday and planted new tomato plants, cucumbers, and basil too!  Happily I found some tiny basil plants sprouting.   This all made me feel like gardening again.

I also discovered that the bok choy and spinach went wild, the beets and carrots are growing and some of the beans are actually  intact, as is the zuchini, or at least it has recovered..  Not only that three tomato plants still have some grren leaves at the top so I thought I would let them grow.  I am bound to be overrun with zucchini however,  since I have purchased some replacement plants.  Since some survived, I need to figure out where to plant the new ones.

Here are some photos of the garden today::

There is hope.  As you can see, the radishes did okay too.

I particularly enjoyed listening to the bumble bees working  in the comfrey when I was out there.  They buzz and buzz as if talking to themselves and each other.  This one would make two distinctly different sounds between flowers and on the flowers.  HE sounded like a little old man mumbling  (or is it bumbling) to himself.

Another bumbler got made and me for messing with the bushes he was on and subsequently, he took opportunity to chase me off several times.  I ran and hid under a sprinkler when he did.  It happened three times.

He was probably laughing at me as each time he went back to work, but only until he spotted me again in the vicinity and chased me off, buzzing like a wild banshee.  Funny, I don't think he was interested in stinging me, just in getting me to leave his bush alone.  Bumble bees love the comfrey... and I kinda like the bees.  They keep me company in the garden.

Hopefully, the ground is warming up a bit, and I can get in the gardening mode.    I am still trying to decide  if I like this gardening thing or not.  It is kinda a pain...between the fickle weather and the backbreaking bending over... makes one feel like they are just bumbling around....

Now, I could be wrong, but somehow, I think I might know just what the bumble bees are bumbling about to they work work work, in the garden.  It's just a hunch, but you just have to wonder!


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  2. Awwww, your garden is lovely, Lisa. I'm glad your plants grew back. My garden will be very small this year.