Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Man Cave #1

This is one of my brothers, in his man-cave.
Let's have a look around at some of his collections and works of art.

In addition to cars and keys and buckles, dog figurines and wild animal statues he also collects marionettes.... and other things that just sort of hang around...

like spiders... and other curiousities.
There is an old telephone, with long distance, and a pink note...  that deliberately didn't get captured by my camera that day.

And tiny treasures abound... here and there and everywhere....
 as do old friends, like BINGO, who lives outside the cave and only comes in for visits.

There is Ho-Ho too.

This Santa is doing Yoga and then, of course, lunch....

Being bachelors and all, these guys do not cook.... at least not regularly, so the kitchen and the stove becomes a work of art.

And there is a courtyard...

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