Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The View From Here

Here are the mountains off in the distance... and the view from my favorite spot.

I love days like these...

It's a little cloudy and I am walking around the farm with my dogs.... except for Buddy.  He stayed home.  He is too old, sometimes, to walk with us anymore.  This was one of those times.


 and cats.... who follow....and soon we are a traveling troupe!  However, the cats usually get tired easily and when they do, they try to keep a safe distance from the dogs.

 After a walk around we visited Kevin.... the emu.

 I remember one day, back when we had a whole bunch of animals, I was walking to the mailbox out on the road, walking down our long long driveway to the street.  The dogs were with me, the cats were following, and inside the fence to the south, all the rest of the animals were following too.... the sheep, the goats, the pigs, the ducks... and the dogs and cats, following me up the driveway.... walked together in a great gaggle all the way to the road, and back.  I remember thinking to myself how fortunate I was to experience such a thing.  It was just like an animal parade!

 I love the serenity.  It is quiet and the views really are quite lovely.... the air is fresh, especially since the rain, and the dogs and cats love it too.

Here is Buddy.. waiting for us to return.


  1. where did you get a baby emu?? He is so cute, and what will you do with him when he's him?? do ppl eat emu's? wonder what they taste like...

  2. Well you will have to read my Emu story.
    You can find it at

    I think you can order Emu at Cabella's in Post Falls. Might call ahead to ask. Kevin (our Emu) is not on our menu.