Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The First Day of Driver's Education Class

Another interesting day today....
It started out just fine..then. this afternoon, just a little bit before 4:00 I was in a two car collision on the local highway.  I was making a left turn on a green arrow and someone ran the red light and hit me. Fortunately I saw the car coming, applied the brake before impact and took the hit around the axle of my car instead of being hit around the door.   My teenage son was in the car with me, and we both are fine.  Not even a scratch...    The person in the oncoming car was fine too, a bit shook up as her car was a new car... and the accident was her responsibility, but she was fine.  My car is most likely what they call "totaled, "and it is possible that her's is too.  Again a situation that could have been very different than it was.

As it was... I was able to drive my car off the highway and then stop traffic so the other car could be moved.  No one stopped to render aid.  One man came and was hanging around where I was at... but he didn't say much except that he saw everything, it was not my fault and that it was a good thing that I was not hit broadside... (having applied the brakes.)  It was another amazing day to say the least...

The person in the other car was in a bit of shock... I was able to talk to her, I tried to keep her calm and as time went by she was better and better... then the EMT and police came.

Oh... but wait, there's more.. A friend of mine just happened to be driving by.... called my cell phone and asked if we were okay if she could help in any way.  Well, being as we were on our way to Nate's first day of his Driver's Ed class, she was able to take him there for me.  I picked him up after they towed our car away.

Then after dropping the boy off at his other class, we went to the hospital to visit our friend in ICU
who was injured the other day.  I remember sitting there for one small moment thinking that I was so happy I was upstairs instead of downstairs in the ER that night.

Life is an adventure, that is for sure.  As we have said in our house for years.. "do a day!"

Here is my car after the accident.

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