Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 I love the little Johnny Jump-Ups in my garden.  They came to be by way of a friend (Maryjaneierobinmollielu) who gave me some of hers from her organic garden.  They are the first flowers I see in the spring and they always make me happy.

 I was taking pictures of them today, thinking about how each one is unique... special, doing it's own little flower thing... soaking un the sunshine, drinking in the dew and water... being beautiful just for the likes of me....   and I wrote this poem about them.

 My mother and my sister are both named after this little dainty flower.

if you please,
is a dainty little flower...

Pansy, Johnny Jump-Up,
Some even say, "Viola"....

By any name
these tiny treasures
bring a certain joy unto my heart.

growing wild,
growing freely,

growing purple.

Untamed, thoughtful flower,
even upside down....

"The Pansy, that's for thoughts!"
(Which some say is so profound!)

They stand for love and friendship, romance and
other sentiments of heart.

if you please...

Pansy, Johnny Jump-Up... Viola....

Ride the wind,
spread your royal seed,
grow freely in my garden...

All because you are lovely to behold,

an expression of the creator's love,
and love is power.

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