Friday, July 2, 2010

House Walk

I love old houses and old buildings.  I like to imagine them as beings with faces, the window being the eyes into their souls.   When I actually get inside I do not always like them.  They smell old, musty... and the walls creak at night.  However, I do love dreaming about what they are like inside; the secret passageways, the people who have inhabited them over the years,  I dream about decorating them, and I wonder sometimes about the stories about human life they might have to tell, if they could talk.  

This of course could be a little scary.

But I do find old houses and old buildings interesting.  I think it stems from an adventure I had when I was about nine with an acquaintance named Noel.  I hardly knew her, but I do remember that we daydreamed together about the houses in our neighborhood and one time we even snuck inside and explored an old vacant one.

My fascination continues...
These are just a few....
"Fat, plump, little houses"...the beginning of my fine "House Collection."  I am already planning next house photo shoot, It will be be titled,
"Houses with Faces"..

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