Friday, July 23, 2010

National Geographic Live


Bethany and I made a house for a frog I found in a box on my porch.  She helped me catch him and we played national geographic for a while.  We named our little friend Glub-Glub, well, she did.... I just agreed that Glub-Glub would be a fine name for the frog.

We marveled at how cute he was... and he was really cute.. that is , for a frog.

If you catch a frog you have to feed him... (or her.)  We caught some flies and a moth.  The frog ate the flies, but not the moth, and it was a lot like watching Planet Earth or National Geographic, only it was live, right before our yes.  After two days I let the frog, and the moth,  go free in my garden....

............................................. J-U-M-P !  off he went... into the wild.

I kinda like it when I have some of the more mudane things of life to write about, like what it is like to keep a frog in a jar.   It really was not so mundane, although Glub Glub might have thought so.  I think he spent most of his time wishing he were out of the jar.  Little did he know his wish would come true!


  1. I like your "jump". Hooray for a free Glub Glub!

  2. Now isnt this a very "Karis" moment! totally something she would do!