Monday, July 12, 2010

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Another Four Season Day:

There we were having a splendid weekend as a family, walking, yard sale, visiting friends, being at the lake.

We were having fun...

 until... something unplanned and unexpected occurred.... tragedy.  But, before you get too worried reading this, let me mention, things were not quite as bad as they could have been.  This story has a happy ending..  But, be warned,  like life itself, the season of sun, fun, family and friends that began our lovely summer day was pretty disastrous. It was a jet ski accident.

Three people were involved, two inured, and one almost died.

In the midst of tragedy, at the moment that everything looked bleak, I was stunned, we all were, stunned and very, very sad.  Everything was changing, falling, crashing down around us in an instant.  Everything was out of our control.  All any of us could do we could do is react, do the next thing,  and hang on to what little bit of hope we did have.

We got a ray of sunshine in the storm and then another... and another.... seasons changed... and then it was as if I was walking through a time warp for quite a while.

At a time when the world was crashing down all at once, we all held on to the only thing that you can at a time like this.. Jesus, our hope. It's a lake lesson.... a lesson in how we need to have a life preserver on to get through life.  You just never know what a day will bring your way, and in the darkest hours, when all is said and done and curtains close, Jesus is the only hope there is.

God, is good!  He proved it once again that day.

With my injured daughter who had been in the accident out on the lake, now in my arms on the beachfront, the other loved ones (injuries unknown) still in the water and far from where we were, I sat... not knowing what would happen next.  I had no idea as to how this story would come to an end.  Things were bad, and I was thinking that if there was ever a time, I needed the promise of God in Christ.. (that those who believe in Him would someday be resurrected to eternal life) this could be it.
I remember wondering what the minutes that progressed would bring, (Would someone die?) I wondered what would come to pass...

A lot of possible scenarios crossed my mind., all to which my heart and minds screamed, "NO!" And yet, I knew for certain these things were way out of my control.  Everything at this point was in the hands of something, someone greater, greater than life itself.... God..

Looking into my daughters baby blue eyes, I sensed the worry in her heart for what she left behind out on the lake when they brought her here to shore.  There she was,  not knowing or remembering anything that had transpired, just knowing that whatever it was, it was weird and very very bad.  Looking at her, wondering about the boys,  I remember thinking about death....

"What a glorious hope we have in a God who can bring the dead to life.".  I thought, "This could be it, someone here could die".. "Situations like this are where the rubber meets the road."  and I wondered if I would have the faith to keep on driving down the street I am on if things here didn;t tuen out the way I would like.

I had no idea of the future outcome as the sound of screaming sirens filed my ears, but I had hope.  ANd I am writing to say I then watched God take something that was very, very bad...  (a jet ski collision, two people injured, one hit by a moving jet ski, in the face,) and make the outcome much better than expected... even "good."  Which as bad at all this was, calling it "good"  is kinda hard to say.  Al I now is that we have been very very blessed.

"Making good of something bad."

I kinda think it will be like that when those who are in Christ step through the final door of death. God will take that evil thing that ruins everything on Earth and make it good, even better.. "all things new"   and it will be so much better  than what we now know, and often love,  Yes, God is perfect.. so very very good.  We do have this hope in Jesus because Jesus, is God and he himself was ressurrected from the dead.  Yes, God will resurrect us who believe and until then he gives us this great and glorious hope.

We see examples everywhere of how he will give believers new and ever lasting life, and this,  not because we were perfect, but because we simply, acknowledged we we wrong and he was right.  We look to him and know Our heavenly Father keeps his promises, and he loves us.  All his words are true, his ways are just and they are right and good.

I believe, and so... there I was... silently crying out to God in my heart to God, wondering about it all, asking him for the wherewithall to endure whatever lie ahead.   It was strange.  

We were all crying out in our hearts to God that day!  And do you know what?  Amazingly he answered our prayers... and more.

This has been a painful but amazing journey for us.  My daughter, in shock had been hit pretty hard on the head... and was taken by ambulance, to a hospital many many miles from where we were that day.  Her boyfriend was taken to the hospital via helicopter, one that seemed to take forever to arrive.  He had taken the brunt of the hit, she had been behind him on the seat. My husband was not physically injured in the incident. 

My daughter came home  from the Emergency room with a concussion, but is doing well.  She is pretty much normal with a headache and is sore all over.  We all are because we were having a good time at the lake, kayaking, paddleboating and jet skiing... all over the lake that day.  

Her boyfriend is still at the hospital having been through a lot.. basically being hit by a jet ski in the face.  He almost drowned, revived by CPR in the water.  Additionally I am pleased to announce that he is strong and healthy, and has a good prognosis for recovery.  Doctors anticipate a lot of normal healing of many of his face bones.... and say there will be limited scaring from the surgeries he will need to have.  They say he will need to have his jaw fixed, but his teeth are well, his brain minimally injured.. protected by the face.  Another amazing blessing in a circumstance like this.

We are amazed.

 Funny, when this day began, I knew the day had a lot  of adventure in store for us, but I never expected it would be this big, or bad,.., and then in the very darkest place of all I found myself amazed that God could be so good.

God is good....all the time, even when the circumstances are bad.

Romans 14:8 says, "If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord."

Today, we live....
Today we rejoice....
Because we believe in our hearts that God is very, very, very good... so good, you can trust him with your life!


  1. Wow, exceptional writing. Thank you for an giving readers such a wonderful look into the heart of a sister, a mother, a friend... As the days pass, we continue to remember you and your family (both families). With much love and adoration to a most Godly woman. Thank you Lisa!

    Tamera Manfredda

  2. Hi Lisa and George,

    Please know that your family... and the Olson's are in our prayers. I loved reading what God did and is doing not only physically, but in the hearts of everyone involved. Thank you for sharing.


    David Wheeler