Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sad Day... Good Dog

Life is a strange thing.  One day it is and the next it is not.  The hows and the whys of it all are what everyone is trying to figure out, I guess. It is quite a mystery indeed!  Funny, how it is mysterious and yet, it's right before our eyes and we are in it, at least until one day....

This is a sad story about our dog dying.  So if you don;t want to know about it, don;t read head.  Just know that our good ol dog, named Buddy, is with us no more.  He is off running feilds and pastures like doggies do when they die.  Chasing butterflies in the breeze and things like that.  Good ol Dog!

Our faithful dog and friend Buddy died last night.  We had a lot of expectation that this day would finally come.. one day...but as to which day, that reamined to be seen until today.. well, yesterday actually.

Buddy has been acting old for a while, but dispite getting older, sleeping more, being slow to move around he has always been anxious to be at our side when we were outside the house, in his domain.  Perfectly named, he still like to follow us all around.  The last week he had some obvious trouble though and then yesterday, he would cry and I would find him stuck, unable to get up.  It was like one of those TV commercials..."Help, I have fallen and I can't get up!"So, I would help Buddy to his feet and he would wander around, like old dogs do, and then I would hear him yelping again a little later.

I had to leave the house for a while and later in the evening, a neighbor called saying she heard a dog barking at my house. I figured it was Buddy, so George, who was with me,  came home to check on him.   It was Buddy barking...He was definitely stressed..

Buddy, who has never complained or cried or whimpered, except when it was the Fourth of July and firecrackers were exploding, or when he was blind and could not see at all)  was not happy about his condition.  George consoled him as much as he could, but it was obvious that Buddy was not well.  We figured he would soon died, or get tired out and sleep a bit, but he just kept barking, barking, barking... and it was night.  It was the kind of thing that you know will irritate the neighbors, and it was hard to think that Buddy was so distressed.  We decided to take Buddy to the vet and have him put to sleep.

There is not many vets open at 1:30 in the morning.  On our way we jokingly thought we would get there  (17 miles away) and Buddy will die, wondering of course if it would be a wasted trip... an added expense.. etc.   But we knew that if it didn't happen that way, this was second best.  Off we went!

I kid you not, George carried the dog in laid him down and he died... well we thought for sure he did.  The veterinarian thought so too, so she check it heart with a stethoscope.  "Barely beating" she said, listening, "It's barely beating, this could be it."

We were flabbergasted.  His heartbeat grew stronger and his breathing came back.  Our dog had rallied once again.   You just can't keep a good dog down!

So shortly after this, the deed was done.  He was injected with an overdose of anesthetics and the life went out of him...Buddy died.

Sad day... good dog.

We will bury Buddy's body somewhere here at home.


  1. Ah, (((Lisa and George)))!!! Seems like 'life' is handing you more than your share of sorrows right now. I pray our Lord, Jesus Christ, gives you and your family comfort as only He can, peace and the strength to keep standing as a tower of His light, love, joy and peace in very dark times.

  2. Sad day. I'm sorry, Mama. <3

  3. As Rosanne RosannaDanna used to say,

    "It could be worse!"

    Seriously, God is good.... the things of this world you just have for a little while... and the good things are a gift to help you realize the goodness of Almighty God. Thanks you guys for your loving care and concern... thoughts, prayers, etc, You guys are good things in my life.

  4. Lisa,

    Seriously,..I laughed out loud, then got all teared up. I enjoy your blog very much!!!

  5. Lisa!!! Did you read my post "When You Love, It's Rick's Business"?,.... I don't even know anyone named Rick, girl that's supposed to say RISKY, ahahhahaha