Thursday, July 15, 2010

So, What Are the Chances?

This is interesting....

I was in a car collision on Monday.  Then today, I was in the grocery store, and who should I see, but my new friend... the one who ran into me.  Done with my shopping, I stepped in line behind her, and as I did, I rather jovially said,"Hey, I know you... you are my new friend I met the other day!"  She turned and we hugged, both keenly aware of the secret that we shared... we both almost became highway mortality statistics, together.

It was an odd meeting, to say the least, but I was happy to ask her how she was feeling, since she had been pretty shaken up at the scene..  She then proceeded to tell me how an hour later, on that same day, she was in another accident.

Her husband was driving and a car sideswiped his, ran him off the road and left the scene of the accident.  What followed was a car chase with police..  The ordeal ended in an arrest of a drunken who had no car insurance, and some prescription sedatives for my friend.  However today she was well, happy and getting back to normal.... still sad though, about her car.

We proceeded to tell the checkers the reason for our exuberant conversation...and we shared the story of the second wreck  o-de-day with them,  and as we did we literally watched their jaws drop.  Someone made a comment about lightning striking twice.

My friend, smiled and told the checkers that all her friends were saying something about her being cursed.  She said, "I tell them...' No, I am not cursed. I am blessed!'"  Then to me and Nate she said, "I know...  and you know, exactly what a miracle it was!"


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