Thursday, July 15, 2010

Legacy of a Subaru

We took some more photos of our faithful stead before saying goodbye.  Apparently, you can get a better look at the impact area when you do not have moving traffic on a major highway coming toward you.

This car has served us quite well.  I have probably driven it 86,000 miles since 2004.

And Shucks!.. oops, I mean... O'Reily's, ( a bit of a car store joke there) I had just put a new headlight in!

Now that the dust is settling, I do think I must have bumped my head on the window pretty good.   I have had a sinus problem from allergies... head congestion, headache and all that for a while, so if I had a headache from the accident ot not, I could not tell, I already had one when it happened.  I really glad to be walking away from it too.

Because of my sinuses, my right ear has been clogged,and I felt like I was underwater.. for a few days...fortunately I have not been coughing much...I finally went to the store and got some medicine to take for helping to clear the congestion in my head.  I think it is working... slowly.

My face has felt slapped since the accident, but there is no marks of injury.  I think my body is slowly remembering what happened... I have noticed a spot on my ear that is sensitive, and I have as a sensitive spot on the surface of my head.  My arm feels like I may have banged it on the door, like the side of my head.  Minor things really, par for the course I am sure.  I am just really happy to say I walked away from it.

As Rosanne, Rosanna-Dana used to say..

"It could be worse!"

She is right.

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