Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thumbs Up!

Yeah dude... like, it's been a hard week.  A lot of things have been difficult, strange and strangely uncomfortable at times; even downright bleak.  Life is like that I guess... and in the midst of it all being bad, we are somehow blessed.  Do you know why? 

BECAUSE... God is good.

We visited David today.  IT was a milestone of a day because they removed his neck brace and the tube that was in his throat and he is now free to talk.  Talking is just what David did. 

David is amazing.  His sense of humor is very much intact and it's great to see him getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. 

I watched as he talked on the phone to his grandmother and sisters tonight, telling him he loves them. He even blew them kisses. 

Bethany is doing great, feeling okay and today she was at the hospital helping David.  She was doing things like keeping cool towels on his feverish forehead and holding David's hand. 

Yeah, it was a thumbs up kinda day.....  I am glad.

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