Monday, August 23, 2010

Sky Knight 2000

George used to make kites. His specialty is really big kites... well, actually Colossal ones.  There was the GBK, the Little Buckeroo, the Sky Night and a few others.  My favorite was a totally humongous box kite, though I liked the tetrahedron too.  He designed them and produced them and we flew them a lot on the beach in Marquette when we lived nearby.  We flew them from the backyard too.

The other day we found one we hadn't flown for a while, one called the Sky Knight 2000.  It's not too big, a duel line kite and it's very fun to fly.  So, relaxing at home that afternoon, with a good wind outside, we took turns fly it.  Here is George taking it for a spin....

in the sky.

And here it is rolled up.

It was a great kite-flying day!

Wish you were here!


  1. we love kite flying! havent done it for awhile though, we usually do it on the big empty lot across from us..lots of room. sometimes when it's windy we have up to ten "adult kids" out there flying kites! It is difficult finding kites that fly well...usually those bigger one's don't..

  2. Come out and fly kites some windy day!