Friday, October 22, 2010


Last week I took Maddie to the vet.  Seems she cut her face on something.. probably the fence, as my dogs and the neighbors dogs "have a go at it" between fences every once in a while....It's a dog thing.  Anyhow it was a large gash.... probably about 3 inches long right along the side of her mouth, mostly affecting her cheek.  She obviously needed stitches.   My "day at home" was changed instantly and off I went with her in tow.

A visit to the vet is never cheap...   but this would either be taken care of or be the demise of the dog.  So, a few hundred dollars later...  our dog is now recovering with a cute little cone around her head to keep her from scratching.  They actually sent me home without one of these things and the first thing she did was SCRATCH.  Stitches once... but not stitches twice.. you know what I mean!  They were nice enough to bring one to my house though and now Maddie and her little "coney" thing are friends.

I have to tell you too, that Maddie now thinks she is a house pet, this mostly because she needed to be watched that first few days.... and the vet suggested I not leave her a lone for a day or two. 


I guess, as with humans, the recovery after general anesthesia is something that takes rest...  this is true even for a dog.. Not only that, but she could not be running around , chasing cats, getting jumped on by the rest of the crew... or barking up and down the fence at "Haas" or she would end up riunung the stiches.  Our solution to this rest and care amounted to letting her in the house.

Maddie got to come inside, where, (probably because she grew up as a puppy in someone else' house...(though she had never been allowed in ours) she immediately made herself right at home,.  Now she always insists that she is an indoor doggie, (not one of those outdoor-ish breeds at all.)

She is perfectly happy to sit  and do nothing all day especially if it means she does not have to go outside.

Just so that you know, I am getting a lot of nursing experience lately... taking care of convalescents.  Nate, one of my sons, just had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday and is recuperating from that.

Get Well Soon!
Funny thing is, he kinda likes just laying around the living room too.

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