Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowman Dreams

Yes, it's true. the snow is here.  Isn't it pretty?
It has already snowed once before this season, Thursday morning in fact, but it didn't stick around.  That was okay by me.  I love snow, but I have to admit that I am often apprehensive just before it begins, especially as I think about driving and shoveling... and all that stuff.  By the afternoon that day, the sun had come out, the snow turned to water, and 'poof," it disappeared.  But lo! and behold!.... "It's ba-a-a-a---ck."

It's evening now and the snow is falling again...

...but, let me tell about this morning's little snowfall:

Today while in town, at church in fact, I was seated, talking with friends and George drew my attention to the window, where outside, in the parking lot, snow was falling.  It was falling in big snowflakes and it looked so pretty as it fell from the sky.  It was falling really slowly, like snow sometimes does.  I could not help but want to go outside to experience it up close and personal.... so I invited George and off we went.

Before long lots of people had joined us and we had a blast.

It was so refreshing to feel the cold, snow-laden air against our skin.  (There is just something special about the air temperature when it snows.) The snow was accumulating on the ground around our feet and decorating our hats and hair with puffs of the manna-like whiteness.  As we were watching, the flakes began to get larger and everyone was in awe, laughing and talking about snow experiences and other winter topics as we stood around, opening our mouths and occasionally chasing a snowflakes with our tongues.  It was fun.

A couple of the little children outside were amazing to watch.  One was Joe's young son and another was Audra's baby boy.  Being not very old, it was the "first" time they had really seen snow and they were as delighted as the adults, if not more.  Their eyes were big as quarters as they awed over the falling white stuff and it was great watching them copying their parents, trying to catch a snowflake or two on their tongues.

But it didn't last long.... Soon the snow stopped falling and the people slowly dispersed.  I went back inside to resume the conversation with friends.  The snow melted; the memories however will linger.

I was very happy tho have taken the opportunity to go outside in the snow.  It was a very fun little interlude, o' de day.

The falling snow is not as breathtakingly beautiful as it was this morning, but it is snowing some more.  It's only snowing lightly, but we are expecting more snowfall and a lot of cold.  I attempted to capture a snapshot of the falling snow, which almost looks like a starfield in the sky.

Maybe it will snow all night. 

I imagine there are lot of little kids laying in their beds... dreaming of the wintry days to come, having snowman dreams...

me too.

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