Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowball Farming

 A wintertime crop on Green Bluff. 

We sure grow them big in this area! 

As you may already  know, Green Bluff is where people go to buy fresh fruit from local farms.  They come up in the various seasons for things like pumpkins and Christmas trees too. Now, believe it or not, they come and buy snowballs!

People come up here and pick them when they are ripe, and they use them to decorate their lawns with snowmen... (and sometimes, snow women.)

 Just kidding! 

Actually, this is my neighbors lavender farm .....But do you know what?  Someone just might try a business like this someday!  We have had a LOT of snow!

Since the last big snow, we have been driving by laughing at how it looked like they were growing snowballs and finally, on our last drive by, George stopped and took a photo of it.

and that is what they call a SNOW JOB.

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