Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opening Eyes

 The kittens' eyes are
opening and they are
getting bigger. 

They are little, but they are CATS!

Their cat-claws are pointy but not strong enough to hurt if they scratch you.  They are like tiny pins.  So, they look sweet, but let me tell you God has given them great instincts of biting and scratching to protect themselves from danger.  Little kittens CAN be quite ferocious.... 

When our cat Alex was little, he was the only kitten to survive the litter, and he was probably a survivor because he was a spit fire. 

He was only a few weeks old and I remember him hissing.... rearing up like he was being attacked by the worse thing ever... a human!  He was afraid and always ran away.  He is still like this today.

I am handling these little ones... petting them, everyday to get them used to me

Poor Alex never met a human until he was much older and he decided early-on that he hated people, even if they gave him food.   He does still  come around for food though. 
Here he is today.... the ferocious beast...  Alex.

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