Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Depot Parking Lot

Found in a drawer, written by a bored child, once upon a time, in 2004:

Home Depot Parking Lot

As I sit in this back seat....

I can hear a siren scream,

I see people walk by with armloads of wood,

                               men in overalls,

                       women splattered by paint,

                         children, bored to tears.

The big orange letters remind me of long minutes

                       staring at parts and pieces,

                   dreaming of anywhere, but there.

I remember the orange carts,
    which were my only hope of joy.

 I watch a family trying to figure out,
     "How to get THAT into the car,"
... and deciding just to tie it to the roof.

Birds in the air....


far from the sea. 

 There goes a woman in a moo-moo
                                        with a rake

       and a gray haired man with duct tape
                                            and a paint roller.

(Why isn't it in a bag?)

...Still trying to get it in the car.... the man says
                     to his wife,
"Never quite goes as planned, does it?"

 So true,  isn't it?

A man with an amazing mustache
                  walks by the car
                                and bumps the door

                                 with his clippers;

                                             or was it the shovel? 

I am not sure,

A cart rolls past with mirrors and a closet door....

            Tina N. walking by....

(Why is she here? )

Should I say, "Hi?"


I would have to yell......

                      So embarassing.....

A big truck pulls in front of us.

                        Is that a man or woman getting out?

YIKES!  What is it about this store that takes so-o-o-o-o-ooooo long?

I see a can of blue paint....

                              and another door,

                                                  a chainsaw, a weedwacker,

                          ..."a pointy-chinned hacker"
....Oh wait!

That was on a TV show called, Cyber Chase...

                        - I haven't watched that in a while.

          * The End  * The End * The End * The End * The End *


  1. Nice! J. used to take me to HD when we were first married...just to walk down the power tools isle and ask me what I thought each tool did or was called. Inevitably our trips ended in muffled chuckles from the strange men standing around us...and my husband, entirely amused, kissing my forehead and laughing, "I love you!"