Friday, May 27, 2011

The Brownie Bros.

One day in spring, 
a couple of local men, 
set out to make brownies.

It looked a little bit like this:

Ingredients and tools needed, were gathered, and arranged.

They were put into the bowl.

And mixed....




Then we waited.


And we waited...

and waited,

until finally,

 they were done.


Then, we ate them.

Thanks guys!


Shopping with Lisalu...(that's me!)

My friend MaryJane and I used to shop together.  That was fun.  I mean, we would grocery shop together.  I tell you, if we could shop together again this would be one place we would have to go.  Too bad it is so far away.  I went shopping at a store in Scottsdale Arizona, called Fry's and I want to show you around a little... so come and virtual shop with me. 

Here it is.  As you can see, the store is overflowing.... right into the parking lot.

It is kind of funny, but there is actually two Fry's stores within less than a mile of each other that we frequent, though we do have a preference between the two.  One we hate and the other we like, but it has different stuff than the other.  Each store, though they go by the same name, has a completely different culture from the other.  This is the more northern of the two.  It has changed a lot since last time we were here.  It is the one we like and now it is even better!

To start with, this one has a Cold Stone ice cream place right in the lobby. Now, I do not frequent Cold Stone, but I know they have great ice cream cakes!  When we were there, David bought an ice cream and ate it while we shopped.  However, there were other things we sampled while we shopped here, like Moon cakes, sushi, cheese and watermelon.

I have never seen store quite like this.  However, someone I described it to said it sounded like Trader Joe's.  Never having been to a Trader Joe's before, I could not compare, but I hear Trader Joe's is opening a store here in Spokane.  Al I can say is that I did think this store was quite amazing.

The funny thing is that this store was not this way last time we visited...  they have obviously renovated.

Okay, now on with the tour!

First the flower department...

The  floral dept. was beautiful....

Here is the sushi stand.  They make it here, and as you walk by they often offer you samples, kinda like Costco.  This is the real stuff!  We sampled the Cruchy Crab and it was incredible!

They also make these things called Moon Pops in a little station next to the sushi stand.  Th read about Moon Pops, click here.

Then there is the various deli selections, which is like a super buffet.

What would you like for dinner?
There are numerous choices and you do not even need to cook.

Mexican, Chinese, American... it was all available.... and this in addition to the Japanese Sushi already mentioned.  Take your pick.

This is the salad bar.

Here is the Deli....

 Do note the pretty purple flowers.

There seemed to be endless selections.

 But I didn't overlook the fresh produce.

Besides everything imaginable, there are things I have not yet quite imagined, like Kiwano and Pepino

 How about Cherimoya?

I never ate one.... maybe someday!

But WAIT, there's more...

Did I meantion the wine cellar... and tasting bar-with TV's?

There are three of them, so you do not have to miss your favorite program or sporting event, and I think the store touts 1600 different kinds of wine... located very close, I might add, to the cheese dept.

Here is the olive selection.  I counted ten.   Those bright green ones caught my eye.  I never saw those before, have you?

Well, on to the bakery....

You can see, they even wear the little while baker's hats.... just like in the cartoons!

: )

The selections were amazing, much like everything else in the store...

These are Focaccia breads.

And then there are the pasteries:

But let me ask, have you ever seen a fondue at the local grocer?   They had one here.  And they had
all kinds of chocolate dipped creations you could purchase.

And here is part of the meat dept... the seasfood stand. Again, amazing.  there were live Maine  lobsters too.

I kinda quit taking photos after a while, particularly after finding what we came for, that is,  supplies to make our own Mexican food at home... tacos. This store was a little farther, but in my book it was worth it to go the extra distance.  They had almost everything.  I was kinda surprised they didn't have cows producing milk right in the store!

Let me tell you the aisle of Asian and Mexican food were amazing.  We were in food heaven, I think. 

I should have taken more photos, but already felt ridiculous taking pictures of food in the grocery store.  I felt better at the deli, when I asked if I could take a photo and the man behind the counter told me someone else had asked the same thing earlier.  I was the second person he had seen taking photos of the store.  (Scary huh? )  Well, it was an amazing store.

.I did manage to take a snapshot of the bookstore area before we left.
So, here is is, the most amazing grocery store I have ever seen.  It is no wonder people want to come to the USA, especially when they hear what it is like here.  I bet for many people it is like a dream land....  Oh, I get it!, "The American Dream."  The best part is that contrary to our other "Fry's shopping experiences," (where the employee culture is bizarre and unfriendly), the people here were really amiable and welcoming,   This is definitely a fun place to shop.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Photos from our recent trip to Arizona:

At the airport... on our way!

 Finally.... there!

 Some of us were "roughing it."

 This is on the way to the top of Camelback Mountain.

It was absolutely grueling!!! Dangerous too.... not a trip for everyone.

But we all made it.

 Once you get to the top,
you cannot help but rest a while,
and play a little bit too.

 We went on an excursion to the Salt River.

 We hunted for lizards and shot several with our camera.  Here is one.

And, we went to Sedona, to Slide Rock and Red Rock Crossing.

 We footpathed through the incredible, unending, "stacked rock forest."

 They were everywhere...

                     and so we made some too.

And we visited some of the family....


 This is just some of our memories of our little trip.