Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, "Figpickles."
 Figpickles is the name of a toy store I visited in Coeur d Alene.  Actually, it's not just a toy store, it's a toy Emporium.


Isn't that a great name for a toy store?  I thought so... more than that I thought it was a great toy store.  It's definitely a great place to visit when in Coeur d Alene.

The place is filled with all kinds of cool things for kids of all ages.My friend Jan, and I, were mesmerized from the moment we walked in the door.

There is the usual... books of all kids and toys like blocks, puppets and then there were all sorts of Doug and Melissa toys, but there are a lot of unusual things too.  For example, have you ever seen a kugelbahn?  How about a real ventriloquist's puppet?

How many toy stores do you know where you can you walk in and get an Albert Einstein or Annie Oakley doll?

They even sell Dill Pickle soap and Invisibility Mints!  The kinds of things we like around my house.

The shelves are just loaed with all kinds of fun things, old toys and new.  We found all sorts of things we thought were cool and even made some purchases while we were there.  They have everything from Airplanes and Slinkys to xylophones and zebras.

All in all I think we spent over an hour and would have stayed longer if we didn't have more exciting things to do in Coeur d Alene that April day..

At one point I asked the clerk what she thought was the best thing in the store.  To our surprise she said, the bathroom!"

"The bathroom?"

 She opened the bathroom door and showed us the imaginative paintings on the wall, and then she turned off the lights.

The place glowed and the glowing lights spun around.  It was pretty spectacular.

 Did I mention that there were all sorts of cool things?

As we were paying, the clerk presented Jan with a pen for signing her name....

Talk about feeling like a kid again!

All I can say is that Figpickles Toy Emporium is pretty neat!  It is everything a toy store should be, mostly, FUN!

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