Saturday, July 16, 2011

Biplane Fly-In

Here is my souvenir of today's event.  It's a toy bi-plane.  It's really cool.  It's one of those toys that if you pull back on the wheels when it is on the floor, it will wind up so that when you let go of it , it moves forward, fast!  Not only that, but the propellers turn too.  It came from the Biannual biplane Fly in at Felt's Field, 2011.

This is the sign outside of Felt's, and the Event T-Shirt.

There was not just toy planes there.  You can get an overview of some of the planes that graced the field by watching this video.

Felt's Field is a very historic and friendly little airport.  It's one of the first in the USA,and it is located right here in Spokane.  Today they hosted this event that we attended.  Here are some still photos og the Biplane Fly-In for your viewing pleasure:

First, take a look at this:

Back in the olden days... when planes were new and biplanes were not "antiques" like they are today, flying at night was not so easy.  There were few, if any, city lights anywhere, and lost of open land that was dark, and a dark sky too.  There were certainly no navigation satellites like we have today.  So, in order to navigate at night, they used beacons like this one.

It would work like a lighthouse does for ships.  These things,
seen from the air, would identify location.  This way, the pilot could get an idea of where they were.

Take note.... you are at Felt's Field,

... and you are surrounded by various types of airplanes, mostly the two winged type.

 This red one is one "Rare Bird."


This airplane seems to smile at you while you are flying it.

 Even when airplanes are broken in pieces they seem to be smiling.  This piece was for sale at the "Fly" Market.... you know where people bring their extra stuff to sell at tables to passers-by.  It's kinda like a "Flea" market, but at the airport!  HA!

More cool airplane stuff.

Rick's T-Shirt. 

Here is a three-ship formation fly-by.

This photo I call "Cockpit Dreams."

They were smokin'!

There was breakfast too.

But soon it was time to be off....
"into the wild blue yonder..."
as they say.

Here is one more video.  Just press play and let it buffer if it does not appear right away. 
: )


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