Monday, July 11, 2011

RUSHing Around

This is what it looks like out your window when you are driving down the highway.  The blue sky is above you and the green grass below whizzes past you on either side.

Then of course, there is the asphalt underneath your rolling wheels..

Ever notice how the  yellow lines blur as you roll along?

Little by little the road is taking you away to a far-away place.

Sometimes you get a glimpse of mountains, trees or maybe even waterfalls.

Sometimes you see lakes
or rivers along the way.
<---- This is a river.

So, what do you think of as you are in your car, rolling hapilyalong, the sky above and things continually  "RUSHing" past you?  If you are like me you stare out the window and wonder, .
"How long 
will it be before 
we get there?"

That is what I was doing, but I was still enjoying the ride.  I was just a little bit excited about being on my way to see a band called, RUSH. A lot of people were excited... Some even decorated their cars.

They were going to see RUSH, .

or is it RASH? 

(You Tube "RUSH RASH "if you like.)

Anyhow, here is a friend I met.... (at the concert) 
This is Angela, and as you can see, she is very excited to finally be at the destination.....


BTW, that car, (above) was hers... or at least it was the one she was driving to see the band.

We made out way into the
"Sleep County"

Our seats were near the stage.

I want to mention also that we sat next to some great folks.  Once man had seen RUSH four times just this past year!  One boy was attending his very first-ever concert.  Everyone was happy to be there and needless to say, the performance and show were GREAT!

Here are some of my photos of the event and at the end you can watch a couple short videos.

there were flames and explosions... pyrotechnic stuff like that.... along with great drumming and guitar playing... and an excited crowd.  It was not too rowdy.... but it was not mellow either.

 You could often get a great view of what was happening on stage from the big screen.  The camera operators did a fantastic job. 

 The spider-like lighting system took several men to operate from above the stage.  With arms that moved it had some interesting effects.

 Here are the band members doing a skit at the end of the show.

 Check out this man's license plate necklace.

And, in case you never heard or seen the band, RUSH before, or if you just want to see my videos, here are some for you so that you can see what you missed....

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