Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Junkee Spot

While in Reno recently, we visited what I believe to be one of the coolest "junk" shops around, a place called Junkee.  I would have loved to actually shop there because we found a lot of very fun and interesting things, but unfortunately, because of traveling constraints, I could only only window shop.  Here are some photos of the place.  Tell me if you think it looks "cool."

or at least  interesting....

Okay, that is the outside. 
Inside, it only gets better:

The dressing room.

Well, maybe I could have bought a suitcase.


  1. Very cool looking place Lisa! What a find!!!!

    Junking is fun to do!

  2. HI. Thanks for the note! I have to say it was great! The prices were reasonable too, which is of course the best part. I want to go there again! Too far though....

    BTW, Looking at those suitcases in the entryway again reminds me, I recently saw a picture where someone had turned an old suitcase into a dog bed. They fixed it so it stayed open all the time, (very important you know) and decked it out with ruffles and cush and added it to their decor for poochie to rest in. I thought that was creative and a fun way to use one of those old suitcases you see around at places like this.

    I see that Junkee is actually a franchise you can buy into. Maybe we need one in Spokane?

  3. MAybe you already have one... or some other fun shop like that where you live?