Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day At The Fair

There is nothing like a beautiful, brisk, Spokane September day at the fair, but first you have to get there.... and getting there means facing the traffic!  There was traffic.  Everyone, well, most everyone in the vicinity at least, was going to the fair!

 But then you get your ticket... and, "Whalla!"  It's the fair!  Well, for ten dollars, (per adult person) it's the fair.  (Kind of expensive admission for looking around and spending more money buying food and merch, don't you think?)

It's kinda funny, but the fair this year was pretty much the same as it has been every other time I have gone.  I am just older, and this year, I went with a friend instead of my kids.  That was a change.

The theme this year was "Karats of Fun."

We saw almost everything and I took photos as I thought of taking them.  There was so much to see!

The fair seemed smaller, and maybe less participated in than in previous years.  There was also an unusual absence of many of the animals the day we were there. 

But we did find a sheep information sign.  That was helpful.  It told us about sheep since there was none to be found.

There were no horses inside the horse barns,

no sheep in the sheep pens

and only a few goats.

It was sorely disappointing.

However, we did eventually spot some sheep... (the mutton busting ones.... Mutton Busting is where little kids ride the sheep and see who can hang on the longest.

                           They were quite curious about us too.

So you might say, we did actually see some sheep after all. 
 We also found some ponies, and one pig, in the pig barn.  But, that's was it.  There were bunnies galore and chickens and duks too... a sparce amount, we thought.  My friend thought that maybe they all went to market or to home because it was too hot that week here.

 More than curious, the sheep were looking for a handout, which could be purchased.... in addition to your fair entrance fee, of course.  Lots of people were feeding the sheep.  I think it is because they were happy to see them, since there was none in the barn.

 We watched for a while, and then it was "off to other animal adventures!"

These are those baby alligators that sign was speaking of.
Apparently "American" alligators are not to be messed with.

Young emus.

There are so  many things to see and do:

These people are watching a "magic" show.

 There are so many food choices, and the smell of it all is kind of wild. 

  This man is cooking up onions and peppers.

The wages of our sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

There were booths set up by people running for political office and all sorts of sales people.  You could buy all sorts of things at the fair.  You could see lots of displays too.

My lovely flower photo.

Another angle on a beautiful flower!
There were all kinds of paintings and photography.

And there were fantastic quilts!

There were things made by people of all ages.

These are baked goods.

And... there were OSBH's on a tree. 
What is an OSBH?  You will have to ask Bette Midler, or look and see, here, for yourself.

Them is some angry birds!

And then there was the best part  The midway!

Not that I do the rides or waste money on games to win stuffed animals, but I do enjoy watching people having fun, the colors and the lights.  The rides are so pretty and colorful too.  They are a bit expensive, so save your pennies for a year, or choose your favorite to ride for a bout a dollar a minute.  You can also do them all for one price.

Probably the most interesting "ride" at the fair this year, at least in my opinion, was this ride that was not even on the midway.  You get inside of these balls and float around on the water.  It cost 8.00 to do that!  As you can see, at this particular moment there were not too many takers.  There were a lot of lookers, I am certain, like me, because it was very interesting. 

 Every year people guess how uch the big pumpkin weighs.  What is your guess?  Mine was 1225.

 They you watch the bees in their hive and the bee keepers in the storefront. 

 And you learn things at the fair too.  For example, you learn which spices to use with what foods.
 And you get to see all the things people make in their kitchens.

 Okay.  Now that you learned that.... here is a quiz:

 Yes.  That was a day at the fair!

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