Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beware of Dragons!


Pet Sop Excursion

The other day, I visited the Evergreen Pet Store on E. Sprague.  What a fantastic shop!  There is a delightful selection of pets and pet supplies.  It just may be the next best thing that Spokane has for a zoo...that is, besides Northwest Seed and Pet.  Cat Tales is interesting, but all they have is big cats.  Our local pets shops seem to have a bit of a variety, and there is no admission fee, so it makes for a nice little outing to see a variety of small animals.  I loved how attentive the animals were in having their photograph taken!

 They have kitties and puppies and rabbits and a whole farm-load of guinea pigs!

Lots of birds....


I have a special fondness for cockatoos.
I think this was was wanting people to buy the puppies next to his cage.

They also had a great selection of fish, both saltwater and freshwater...
and reptiles.

I enjoyed watching all these little red eared sliders jump off of the rock into the water and swim around!

 The tortoises are my favorite.  Sometimes you will find them roaming around the store....getting some exercise.  Here, they are in their kennel.
And they have the best selection of puppy pastries I ever saw!

A Cat Story

Here are our four kittens.  They are mostly feral, quite curious and like to be cats.

This one has six toes on each front paw.

One day, I got a grand idea to amuse the kittens, which at this time were living on the back patio, unable to go in the yard, with  a new toy.  I thought they should have some little toy mice to play with.... a "boredom blaster" kind of thing.  George took me to the local store and we found a package of  three little furry play mice... pink.

The kittens liked them.  They had fun.
They nibbled them, tossed them in the air and carried them around a bit
I was glad I had made the kittens happy.
But, the mother cat had ideas of her own.

I actually woke up one morning to find three real .... quite dead... furry little long tailed mice outside my door!  THREE!  Needless to say, it was a sight to see.  She had replaced my ,(obviously repulsive to her feline sensibilities,)furry pink fake mice.... with the real deal.

When I took the above picture, the other two dead things had already been taken away and chewed on by the kittens. 

 Mother cat made it very clear that she knew better than the human being, (me) at least when it came to the subject of mice.  Mine were a petty substitute for the real cat essentials.

Such is life on a farm.

Mother knows best!