Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Museum Day

One beautiful autumn day, not too long ago, the MAC was my destination for an outing.

There was a lot to see and do.  My favorite part was probably the gift shop,  (not pictured here.)
The special display was Impressionists.

Some of the paintings were quite old.  All were interesting.

 The question o de day was:
"What is collaboration?"

 After visiting the museum... one can tour the historic Campbell House next door.

This is the home of the Campbells.
 You can also view their Carriage House.  They have begun a new display inside that was not there previously.   I liked the horse dran carriages and the electric car.
There is a lot to see inside the Campbell dwelling.  It's quite the place.  It is interesting too, to tour with other people and see their observations.  Kinda fun too is imagining the different lives in various roles and taking  peek at the people who lived and worked in this house.

  I loved the kitchen.
Here is a "typical" meal menu.
The staircase has a beautiful picture window,

Then it was back to the museum, specifically to the cafe.

It was time for lunch!

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