Friday, December 30, 2011

Celebrate Christmas!

 Here are some Christmas-time photos....

Over the holidays, there was no snow, just frost on the trees and ground.  It was pretty.

I love these trees in my neighbors driveway.  Here they are in their wintertime pose.

Besides pretty trees, Christmas was a time of pretty lights and parties... full of the gatherings of friends and families.

We had lights on our deck outside and lights inside the house too.  I do not do a Christmas tree.

 This is picture of a friends Christmas tree. Note the lights... you may have seen my last post about the crazy light.... but mt friend had these crazy glasses that changed the lights on the tree into rainbow shapes of verious sorts.  That was fun.

Part of our celebrating was singing. We sang Christmas carols with friends....
The First Noel,
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Joy To The World,
Silent Night,
Joy to the World....

and a few others.

and even had a campfire.

We gathered for a candlelight Christmas service.

 Symbolically passed the light of Jesus Christ and the gospel of peace and hope in the midst of darkness from person to person....with candles.

and enjoyed time with family and friends.

The holiday continues.....

A New Year lies ahead.....just around the corner.

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