Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reconvened Meeting

So remember that meeting; the one where the community organization left business undone?  Well, news here is that the meeting was reconvened, yesterday.  At the meeting, a vote was taken on the "matter at hand," (that is, if the internet provider's lease would be renewed, or not,) and following the vote, the meeting adjourned.

Now why it wasn't done like this at the first meeting?  Well, one can only speculate on that.  Truth is... that first meeting was awkwardly dismissed and the voting process ignored.  The board did what they wanted to without listening to the people.  Now, this meeting was reconvened...for a vote, one that could have been taken last time, one that would have possibly changed course of events if it had been addressed at the earlier date.  No, the vote was dismissed.

Now however, the vote was finally taken, but the point was moot. The board had already decided for itself that the lease was not to be renewed... and decided also, not to take a vote at the last meeting.  The ballot results were 23 in favor of renewing the lease and 82 against.

I have to tell you, the vote was somewhere  inaccurate.   When the votes were being counted, and recounted, and checked and recounted....

.... it soon became apparent that there was some discrepancy in  numbers.   There were eight more votes than voters!

(Hmmm, must have been the laxidasical -ness.)

At any rate, the margin between opposing sides was great enough to make it quite obvious that "official" outcome was  in favor of not renewing the lease, but as it was, at this point it didn't matter what the community wanted, for the decision had already been made and the lessee was already evicted.

The board has already made their decision, ousted the internet provider, and effectively ignored concerned parties in order to do what they wanted to do.  The board however, had to go by meeting  protocol and take the vote of all members of the association, which they did, setting precedence for  the voice of community members to be heard on important matters in the future. 

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